‘T Attelier

Who are you?
We’re Sebastian Costa and Mark Hagen and we are the founders of ‘T Attelier, a circular CNC workshop based in Maastricht.

What is your company + what do you do?
Our company provides CNC services and manufacturing advice for a wide spectrum of designers, from young students to artist and architect, from professional furniture makers to prototyping startups.

What does the Qeske community mean to you?
Qeske’s network can be the boost towards a successful idea. If start-ups approach us to make their ideas come tangible, the support of the Qeske can further coach these prototypes towards the market.

T-Attelier van Qeske Maastricht

How can people reach you?
LinkedIn: Sebastian Costa
Email: sebastian@pro-duck.com
Website: pro-duck.com

LinkedIn: Mark Hagen
Email: mark.hagen@generationalfa.nl
Website: Generation Alfa Design

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