Who are you?
I am Burak Can and the founder of Combining internet of things (IoT) technologies, 3D printing and sustainability is what I consider my passion and which led me to start this company.

What is your company + what do you do? is a Dutch spin-off social entrepreneurship start-up that specialises in air quality measurement devices and sensors powered by IoT applications, 3D printing and cloud-based solutions. At its core, the company combines sustainability, inclusivity and technology, aligning all these elements throughout the whole supply chain. What is doing differently than other technology companies is the way we conduct this venture, namely with an outstanding focus on providing value for the local community. This includes, amongst others, active collaborations with companies following a social mission such as MTB.

What does the Qeske community mean to you?
For me Qeske brings together many awesome people and projects, creating a community fueled by inspiration and like-minded people.

Anything else you’d like to share here? 🙂
A big thank you to my interns, Quang and Julia, for their continuously good work, dedication and support. van Qeske Maastricht

How can people reach you?
LinkedIn: Burak Can/
WhatsApp: +31 651 924464

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