+++EURENA has been postponed+++

26th Augustus 2020, Dominicanenkerk Maastricht

Last week The NL government strongly recommended that all gatherings and informal meetings should not involve more than 6 persons, to avoid the spread of the COVID-19. Due to this advice, we feel it is necessary to postpone this Eurena event until a later date. We deeply regret having to make this last minute decision but the health and safety of our community must come first! We hope to see you all soon and will communicate a new date when we know it’s safe to meet in larger groups again. Stay Safe! Your friends at Qeske.

Startups Qeske

Qraft will be taking on the creative direction of the amazing group of talented people over at qeske community. Anything you can imagine, we can create.

Linda van Egmond
Need some help turning that idea into a business? Linda is your sparring partner during the development and launch of your (next) new product, business or brand.

geo-visualisation; built bodquickscan.nl – looking for marketing/clients/sales

immersive EMDR in safe location using VR

Activitree is the easiest way to meet new people and to organise activities together

Pausit is a personal trainer in your work computer. A pause program that ensures that you move regularly during your workday

Digital fabrication services for your business: 3D Printing – Design – Prototyping

Virtual education for training personnel through VR and AR

Computer software: It is a collection of business applications located on a private cloud providing new levels of privacy, security, collaboration, accessibility and productivity.

Oanax page – Oanax
Set goals enter into collaborations & start on activities. We go along for the ride!

African women in EU
is community member Qeske Maastricht

Slav industries
Mariusz Slawinski is active in industrial design and masks

Bool Studios
Using emerging technology to augment human abilities devided over four labs, by Jens Vanmechelen.
|| Health Technology || Urban Interaction || Industrial Innovation || Media ||
COBBLE App! A collaboration between Bool Studios, STRUQT and Cultura Mosae.

product design △ art+tech △ synthetic realities △ media △ ai STRUQT is transdisciplinary art+tech lab founded by Predrag Koncar, MFA.  Our research is focused on the application of the advanced computational, mathematical and
COBBLE App! A collaboration between Bool StudiosSTRUQT and Cultura Mosae.

We are a startup focusing on ending the burden of epileptic seizures using the latest advances in wearable technologies, neuroscience research and artificial intelligence (AI).

Startups Brightlands Zuid-Limburg

CoTown BV is a smart service company which uses blockchain technology to develop a new kind of platform to stimulate civic engagement and local economy within smart cities

FINC. for migrants
help migrant entrepreneurs gain access to experts and tweak their skills to enter market – looking for people who can help with data science


co-founder dynamics; assessment + coaching – looking for new markets and salespeople

German Startups digitalHUB / AC.E Aachen

Our mission is to ensure home care in the best possible way with digital and technological solutions – because: your own home is the place where he feels most comfortable for every person.

RydeUp wants to reward you for every mile you ride your bike. RydeUp is looking for investors and new networks

helping commuters through and app – looking for salespeople and new networks

manage the process of offline marketplace; retail-as-a-service – looking for cooperating spaces/stores

decentralised infrastructure; machine learning sensor platform; e.g. finding parking spots/city traffic – looking for customers, backend developer, computer vision developer

cleaning without water and chemicals – need investors for money and network


Second light
Second light: enlight a candle, enlight a smile.

Life is music
Life is music. DJ booking agency is here!

Mini Me Outfits: dreamteam or partnerlook?

Learning methods, playing games!

J.Clay is a sock-startup from Germany. Inspired by the 80s and 90s, street art, sneakers and current trends, we want to be more than just an ordinary clothing brand. J.Clay is for all those who do not want to grow up and are still children at heart… just like us…

Visit the marendalas shop to find artprints, stickers and more.

The experts for enterprise data handling: intelligent enterprise search, business atlas

Peter macht pause
Have a break. Do it like Peter!

It is our mission to develop high-quality and sustainable solutions for you, your students and your university, taking into account the interests of all university members.

From Peru 🇵🇪 more rituals, body, mind & soul

EURENA potential SME’s

Delivers your favorite creative workshop right to your door step!

First Generation Aachen
We are standing up for equal opportunities for students coming from non-academic families.

POHA House
Is creating a whole new way for people like us to live, work and come together under one roof.

Find your right vibe. Our home should be our safe place, a haven to recharge, in which we are able to tap into our maximum potential and creativity.

We laser everything the heart desires. This year we prepared a special gift for the last-minute decor specialists among you.

Because every breast deserves the perfect fitting bra, Brajuu helps you ordering your new favorite bra – easy peasy online from your home!

We design 3D printed cosmetic hand prostheses.

We create promotions, public relations and online marketing strategies for musicians, bands as well as for startups with cool and interesting product ideas, who want to make some noise!

Raouf Hairdesign
In his home country Syria, Raouf (Raouf Hairdesign) was the hairstylist of many stars from Aleppo. Because of the Syrian civil war, one of his ateliers was destroyed and this was when he decided to go to Germany.

We weave cultures together by creating a camera strap that tells a story about tradition, fairness and uniqueness.

Hybird Events
We are are specialized in digital and hybird events, online conferences, speaker events as well as company events and music events!

About the Story
Inspired by the vision to create a space for individualists and design lovers to come together to find unique vintage pieces and discover the stories behind them.

ART Galerie
With us you can find wall art, mirrors, kitchen splashbacks and more!