Qeske is a community in which education, applied scientific institutions, universities and companies together form one natural ecosystem. This ecosystem forms new (academic) learning lines and creates new start-ups, projects and unique collaborations in an organic way.

Students partner with companies for developing ideas and can help organisations implement their new ideas. Through the guidance of professionals, these employees of the next generation form the real “new economy”, where continuous innovation is crucial for success.


Qeske offers a platform for all, for people who are giving as well as receiving. Sharing ideas and competences is the source for successful and innovative collaborations.

The facilities offer space for initiatives in every sense of the word. Whether you just need a flexible workplace, but still want to be part of this guiding community, or you have a larger organisation looking for flexible accommodation in an agile environment that can be used as a field lab, think tank or incubator space.

Qeske offers all this and more. In Qeske, your financial contribution is a community fee per person calculated per workplace and time unit. This keeps fixed costs low and your flexibility open in every direction. However, the ideas and possibilities offered by Qeske are priceless!

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Not in an isolated school building, but actively involved and in close contact with experts from companies and organisations with which innovative concepts have been successfully tried out.

Education in all forms finds a flexible learning workplace in the Qeske facilities, to work actively with the experts on an agile and dynamic curriculum. This is possible in the form of minors, internships and graduation projects.

A challenge for education is adapting to a rapidly changing environment and to be proactive in designing and shaping the world of today and tomorrow. This is only possible in an environment that is close to reality and in the midst of society.

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Qeske connects companies, both start-ups, scale-ups and large companies, on the basis of an open and common development platform.

A paradigm shift is also taking place in our economy. That is why we teach companies to see the world as an inexhaustible source of supply and demand. It is no longer only large multinationals that have a predominant position. Only horizontal organisational forms, agile, innovative and flexible are able to convert ideas into products in an increasingly shorter ‘time to market’ cycle.

Entrepreneurship, agility, lean management and continuous improvement are the drivers of the companies that are connected in the Qeske community. For start-ups, scale-ups or for larger companies with vision and openness to new concepts, Qeske is the breeding ground for working on new products and services.
Get inspired by discussing ideas, working them out and by developing in an environment that is all ears to that.

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