Future gems of our society

What a successful open day at Qeske Kerkrade for a very select group of parents and children, school attendance officers and healthcare providers. In the past year, we have shown how dropouts can flourish again in a short time by letting them discover who and what they really are in the right environment. As a result, people with autism are giving workshops abroad, people suffering from ADHD are concentrating (together) on their challenges. Game addicts who are going back to college. Difficult? No, because at QESKE we only know people by their first name and connect with their talents. And no, we are not a school. We only ensure that these young people get the most out of their talents in their personalised learning plan. And we are certainly not a healthcare provider, because within QESKE these problem children get a contract with affiliated companies or a scholarship at universities abroad, being future gems of our society.