Euregio: Meet the Startups! Sven Reulen from #StraTopo.

The pitch list of ‘Euregio: Meet the Startups!’ is ready✅

One of them is Sven Reulen from #StraTopo.
📢Why should you come and listen to what Sven has to pitch?
👉You will get inspired by the concepts and projects this startup is involved in. You will get an insight in how technology is used for #spatialplanning and for understanding our #cities and #humanbehaviour.

StraTopo is fully dedicated to support and improve our society with technology. All of their clients are directly related to the quality of our spatial living environment. Whether it is an improvement in lifestyle and the social wellbeing, efficiency of spatial flows like mobility or becoming more sustainable. They specialize in using open source technology and uniquely set up personalized iterative processes to support their clients with valuable software and insights.

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