Who are you?
We are Hannah, Valerie, Arno, Cristina, and additional varying team members. We envision a clean and healthy planet without plastic pollution, where materials are used sustainably. We believe the circular transformation is inevitable given our planet’s limited resources. The ComposTerra team first came together through our shared interest in taking action towards a local circular economy at Precious Plastic Maastricht. Taking value out of the variety of our cultural backgrounds and skill-sets, we combine our forces to recycle organic materials at ComposTerra.

What is your company + what do you do?
At ComposTerra we extend the journey of organic materials, by transforming organic waste materials into new functional products. At our prototyping lab at Qeske we experiment with different waste streams, like coffee waste and wheat bran, and form them into new products using heat and pressure. These bio-based materials are 100% compostable and can replace single-use plastic packaging materials. We are developing a variety of applications of our materials. As a next step, we share our knowledge & experience with other companies on a consultancy basis to integrate bio-based materials into their manufacturing processes. In the near future, we aim to set up a small production unit, and additionally process organic waste materials into ready-made recipes that we deliver to other manufacturers.

What does the Qeske community mean to you?
Qeske means a support netwerk of like-minded, action-oriented people, that are trying to contribute to the world by realising the fruits of their minds. A space where makers unite and effortlessly inspire each other.

Anything else you’d like to share here?
We are always open to think along how we can make your company more circular by switching to bio-based materials from organic waste. Come visit our lab at Qeske.

ComposTerra van Qeske Maastricht

How can people reach you?
LinkedIn: ComposTerra
WhatsApp: +31 6 401 967 38

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