Collective Art Exhibition: Looking for Boundaries

Saturday 11 December 12-17h
Sunday 12 December 12-17h

The collective/group exposition “Looking for boundaries” includes an eclectic selection of artworks created by artists who pushed artistic and technological boundaries in their own regards.

Some of the artworks on display features artworks created by AI, sculptures made in VR and materialized through 3D printing. Other works, in situ, take on the physicality of the space in dialogue with the artists’ own personal boundaries.

We invite you to discover the artists’ quests for borders, their search to define and question them.

The Qeske collective is an ambitious group of creatives who are in constant search of extending and broadening their art practice through collaboration. The Qeske community includes artists, emerging entrepreneurs, creatives and ZZP-ers who thrive to create remarkable connections which produce avant-garde outcomes.